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Granite Technology Center a meeting with Russia


Granite Technology Center has served as a venue for business meetings that took place during the Reverse Trade Mission from Russia who organized the Cluster del Granito between 28 and 30 October.

The Russian delegation , which was composed of companies and key players in the promotion and hiring of work , saw first hand granite Galician industry through the Cluster of Granite and its associated companies.

As part of this mission , the Russian visitors had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the Technology Center , where they were shown our capabilities and services.

Natural stone tests carried out in our laboratories are internationally recognized in over 60 countries. In addition , the Center is developing a strategy to expand the scope of the laboratory, which would prove commonly requested tests in other countries, such as those covered by American standards ASTM or British BS .

The Russian business has very much appreciated the support the Granite Technology Center offers the industry in the field of engineering, consulting and laboratories , which adds value to potential and technological capabilities to businesses

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