The Integral Service



From the various areas of our centre, we provide consulting services in areas as diverse as construction, environment and marketing. 
We provide services to a diverse audience with different needs in the world of stone. Specifically, we cater for professionals, private individuals, companies and public administration.
In particular, the consulting services we offer are: 

  • Technical and construction consultancy: we give advice to individuals, professionals and companies in all aspects of stone technology when it is applied in a constructive solution. Our advice for construction work includes the design of a project, the pathologies that may arise during the use of the stone, design and construction.

  • Management and quality control of products (for which we have authorized laboratories for testing) and processes (services for the implementation of quality systems in the company).
  • Product certification: Advice for obtaining certificates for construction products and for implementing the EC mark in the company.
  • Environmental consulting: Through these services, besides complying with legal requirements, we aim to encourage the company to make environmental management part of its culture and policy, making it more competitive internationally.  Our environmental consulting services include:
    • Lifecycle Analysis and obtaining industry and company Eco-labels (Type I, II and III).
    • Development of waste minimization plans.
    • Implementation and monitoring of Environmental Management Systems according to ISO 14001 and EMAS Regulations.
    • Performance of energy audits: Eco-efficiency.
    • Control of discharges.
    • Environmental Legislation Updating Service.
    • Processing of environmental authorizations, permits and licences.
  • Support in the management of Occupational Risk Prevention in the company. Specifically, we have extensive experience in the fight against silica dust, which enables us to offer services like PRL situation analysis, the search for technological improvements in health and safety, and legal advice. 
  • Competitive intelligence: We perform Benchmarking of competing products and services, advice on the positioning of the product in relation to competitors, identification of patents and utility models and monitoring of markets and business opportunities, through our tool, SIVICOM.


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