The Integral Service



Our design and engineering department carries out work related to the design of products and systems, both in the field of engineering and construction and in environment and industrial safety techniques. The following are some of the services offered by this area:

  • Product design: Providing services covering activities such as:
    -  Product design and development
    -  Mechanical design and CAD 2D and 3D modelling.
    -  Engineering calculations
    -  Project management at all stages.
    -  Management and coordination of prototypes and testing.
    -  Management of product approvals and EC marking.
  • Calculation of engineering and building structures: for which we have the most suitable calculation media and programmes.  
  • Advice on machine prototyping. 
  • Industrial health and safety: The CTG advises and implements solutions, both their own and commercial, to maintain proper industrial health and safety conditions in companies. Moreover, our work on minimizing silica dust gives us extensive business experience in the fight against this chemical agent.  
  • Patents and utility models: We carry out the tasks required to protect the intellectual property of your initiative by the processing of patents and utility models with the relevant agencies.  

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