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The CTG, leads the technique comission created by the sector of the products for pavings, to give solution to the problem of the slide


After the publication of the Technical Code of the Edificación (CTE), in concrete of the Basic Document "Security of the Utilisation" DB-SU, find us that the pavings polishings do not fulfil the requirements to be able to place in an inner floor, when the reality is that they come  using successfully in this type of pavings (shopping centres, offices, airports...) Without originating problems of slide.


Of way very simplified, the problem arises by the norm of essay that has chosen  in the CTE to realise the essay of slide, that contemplates the realisation of the essay only with the wet slabs. This does not have sense, when his use no this allocated to such end.

The immediate consequence of this is the no prescription of the natural stone in polishings or smooth finishings pavings, for considering  no insurances to the not fulfilling the CTE.

The sector knows that whenever a paving polishing do not go in in contact with humid zones will be safe, since the essays realised in dry polishings floors , like this it show.


To tackle this problematic, the CTG puts in knowledge of the FDP that the sector of the granite goes to give a series of steps to try solve it:

- It moves  the worry of our sector to CEPCO (National patronal of companies of products of the construction), and observing that the problem extended  to a lot of other products of construction, organises  a meeting in Madrid, in the headquarters of CEPCO in April of the 2009.

- They gather  four representatives of the sector of the stone (2 of them of the CTG), a representative of ASCER (Association of potters), a representative of ANDECE (association of manufacturers of products of the cement), two representatives of the manufacturers of products for resilient pavings and two representatives of the Institute Eduardo Torroja (redactores of the CTE). After exposing each sector his problematic, decides  elaborate a document that collected a global agreement for the modification of the CTE.

- After several meetings and until 7 versions of this document, whose preparation runs to charge of the Technological Centre of the Granite, the Institute Eduardo Torroja  self-evident his intention to modify the CTE, previous realisation of a series of proofs and essays to verify the characteristics of the stone for his use in paving.

The CTG then coordinates these works in the sector of the stone and asks help to the companies and other technological centres to compile the most representative materials of our sector, supplying a series of tests for the realisation of the proofs in the Institute Eduardo Torroja. The CTG coordinates all the sending of samples to the Institute. 

- At the same time, in the year 2010, creates , inside the Committee of AENOR CTN 41 "Construction", a Subcommittee SC 11"Slide" in which the CTG participates actively.

- It runs the year 2011 when the delegation of the Ministry of House summons us to all the sectors manufacturers of pavings to a meeting to inform you about the possible roads of solution of the problem. To this meeting, the Technological Centre of the Granite carries a draft agreement taken by the involved. After this meeting, advances  notably in this subject and the CTG offers , to his charge, to realise a series of tasks linked to achieve data and results of essays.

- It is thus that, during the  years 2011 and 2012, the CTG ships  in the project to "show" that the polishings pavings in dry are safe, as well as that, exist a series of pavings (like the coarsed, bush hammered and flamed) that do not need essay when considering  safe. For this realise  around 300 essays in all type of stones. The results, hopeful, move  to the Institute Eduardo Torroja.

- Of parallel form, the CTG puts  in contact with the multinational of products JOHNSON, with the end to give a transitory solution to this problematic, optimising one of his anti-slip products. For this, have  keep several technical meetings of the personnel of both laboratories with the aim to optimise the anti-slip product.

- In the year 2012, with the end to normalise and document the different existent finishings in natural stone, the CTG coordinates the preparation of a Document of support (DA) to the CTE, in which, after consulting to all the subsectors of the stone, sends  to Eduardo Torroja for his publication (that, for the moment, has not believed  necessary).

- In December of this same year, the Torroja does us arrive a first proposal of modification of the CTE, that seems to collect those appearances that remained unsolved regarding the natural stone.

- Besides, shortly after, they remit a first version of a DA that it seems to solve the two conflictive questions: the realisation of the essay in dry and the list of safe pavings without need of essay.

- Since, in the year 2013, the CTG communicates  in diverse occasions with the Institute Eduardo Torroja and the Ministry of House, with the end to speed up the publication of this document.

- Seeing that the publication did not produce , in the month of February of 2014 the Technological Centre of the Granite, directs a letter to the Minister, to explain her the grave situation of our sector in this appearance and the agravios that this no-publication caused us.


Finally, the past 28th March 2014 the Ministry communicates us the publication of the document DA 3 DB-SUA, in where they resolve  the problematic appearances. With this: the sector already can commercialise the polishings pavings in interiors, in conditions of security and the sector saves  the realisation of essays in bush hammered and flamed pavings, for considering  safe.

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