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The sector of the granite of Galicia obtains his Environmental Statements of Product DAPC


The sector of the granite has a permanent commitment in the environmental field with the improvement of his processes and products to endow to the sector of the necessary environmental transparency so that the prescriptores select the stone like constructive material attending to environmental criteria, further of the aesthetic, economic and functional.

Rules of Category of Product (RCP) and Analysis of the Cycle of Life (ACV)

From the Area of Sustainable Development of the Technological Centre of the Granite, has led the editorial of the Rules of Category of Product (RCP) for products of stone and arid.

This has derived in the realisation of a complete Analysis of Cycle of Life for four constructive products and the obtaining of his corresponding environmental statements of product.

DAPc: Environmental Statements of Product

The Technological Centre of the Granite has opted by the certification DAPc® for  four of the most commercialised  products by the sector:

-External pavings
-Inner pavings
-Slabs of facade
-Ventilated facade

The certification DAPc® is a system of ecoetiquetado of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) of the construction, pioneer in Spain, that follows the European guidelines and is regulated by the norms ISO 14025 and 15804.

After a thorough work of the technicians of the Technological Centre of the Granite, has achieved this certification with the support of the Collegi d'Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d'Edificació of Barcelona (CAATEEB), administrator of the system DAPc® in Spain.

A point for the granite

These four products of granite that have of ACV and DAPc® add 1 point in the system of the environmental and sustainable certification of buildings READ (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) inside the category of materials.

Projects of future

In the actuality, the Technological Centre of the Granite continues working in new projects of sustainability for the sector of the stone like:

In the Analysis of the Sustainability of the Cycle of Life (SLCA), consistent in a study of innovative character that will give a value added to the sector of face to inform and promote the economic advantages, social and environmental from the point of the sustainability of the Spanish industry with regard to industries very competitive like the ones of China, Brazil, or Indian...

The ECOLABEL, ecological certification (Ecoetiqueta EU) that concedes  to all the products and services that ensure a low environmental impact in all his cycle of life. The advances in this field show the interest of the sector for competing using the sustainable environmental/vector like mercantile advantage.

The DAPc® of the products of stone can consult in


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