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The book "Architecture in Granite" puts in value the natural stone to the service of the innovation and the modernity


On 17 December it took place the presentation of the book "Architecture in Granite", a publication realised by the Cluster of the Granite that compiles seven stood out works of the national field realised in natural stone. In words of the president of the Granite Cluster, Guillermo Pérez Aboy, "In addition to the presence of granite, these works share another common element, treats of modern constructions that bet by the innovation and the avant-garde".

According to Pérez Aboy, "Explain all the options that the stone offers to the current architecture is one of our more important fields of performance and between our aims finds arrive to the prescriptores, to the professionals of architecture. Tools like which present here today put in value the big qualities that this material has in the works of construction. It is important to follow working in this line so that the society value these buildings and especially, so that the architects follow betting by this material in his works".

For the President of the Cluster of the Granite "We find us in front of an only material by his qualities of resistance and durability. His multiple chromatic varieties and his finishings turn it into a material of ideal construction so much for external and inner applications. It treats of a material that is in constant evolution to offer a constructive dialogue with the current architecture".

Seven works that exemplify the contemporary utilisation of the granite

In words of the architect Manolo Portolés, and author of one of the works of the book, "The granite, without abandoning his traditional use, has to now happen to be material to superficial; without leaving to be wall, has to can be skin".

In this book present seven examples of architectures that exemplify the contemporary utilisation of the granite.

It treats of the Centre of Exhibitions and Congresses of Ávila of Mangado; the delicate piece of the House Mercedes of Creus and Carrasco; the Hospital of Sant Pau of Bonell, Rius, Gil, Barberá and White-haired: the Archaeologic Park of Rupestrian Art in Field Lameiro of rvr architects; the Theatre Auditorium of The Escorial of Hammered and Of Blas, the intervention on the ancient Prison of Vigo for Museum of Contemporary Art of FQP Architects and the Towers JH-aSZ of John Hejduk of Antonio Sanmartín and Elena Cánovas.

All they present a current design in which they stand out the open spaces, the clear-cut lines and the development of new forms of utilisation of the granite. It treats of a material that adapts to innovative forms of construction.

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